Two Souls, One Heart

by Erin and Erica

It’s hard to believe it was only two weeks ago that we took the drive along a beautiful road that led us to THE most beautiful part of the world – the Hunter Valley. It’s hard to believe that only two weeks ago, two of the most generous beautiful souls united together before their very closest family and friends. It’s not hard to believe at all – that that day can only be described as absolutely perfect. After all, that was the day that Sarah married Marti.

A dress that absolutely was made for her, rockabilly glam, the art of a tattoo. A single heart carried in support by all. Absence of fear. So so so much self. Abudance of joy.

Everything was as it should be. A genuine representation of two individuals and one very powerful amazing fun love. Oh how fiercely these two love! Sarah and Marti – thankyou so much for letting us share that day with you. With our greatest respect and deepest honour.

Much love

Erin and Erica x